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Original ScentStrap Set


Our patent pending leather ScentStrap with a 1-month, organic lavender filled ScentSac attachment. Our ScentStraps work on any horse halter or bridle and are built to last. They each come with a limited guarantee (See FAQ). Each ScentSac refill lasts 1 month.

As used by “Cent”, Cent 15


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Custom HorseScents Show Halter


Custom HorseScents Shipping Halter


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Our Customers Love HorseScents

“[HorseScents has been] wonderful..It has helped him a ton in the crossties…No fussing or chewing!”

Hannah Wisener

“I had a pony that rode and responded well to it about 3 years ago, he really liked the product… it kept him a lot calmer.”

Bill Schaub

“I am a big advocate of HorseScents, all of my daughter’s (junior rider, Madison Frankel) horses utilize HorseScents. The lavender smell mellows them out, calms them down even in the worst, stressful situations.”

Rosanne Frankel

“It’s made a big difference in Coco’s overall performance under saddle. It made her more relaxed and more focused on Lauren. Coco now breathes deep to take in the lavender and HorseScents has really helped her relax.”

Lauren Knopp

“He (Cent 15) was crazy & anxious in the stall…once I started using HorseScents he’s been a much calmer & well behaved horse on the ground”

Dominic Gibbs

“For 5 years he’s been horrible for the would take 3 days to do 4 it takes 1 day with HorseScents”

Stella Stinnett

“Has shown successful results when used on horses that crib.”

Horse, Revel’s Bolero

“I saw an amazing difference in my horse. I use it before I ride, before I go foxhunting and before I compete. Even my farrier has noticed.”

Elizabeth Conyers

“My 6-year-old stallion wears his ScentStrap during turnout. Allows him to eat hay and relax in the field across from a mare in heat”

Brian Bech-Hansen

How Does Our Subscription Service Work?

Save 15% on today's purchase and future ScentSac refills when you subscribe!

Refill subscriptions can be scheduled monthly or bi-annually; schedule can be changed at any time through your account.

If subscribing through a ScentStrap Set, you will be charged a “setup” fee on your first order only for the cost of the ScentStrap (discounted 15%) in addition to your first ScentSac refill.

For example, if purchasing a Standard ScentStrap Set set, your first charge would be $74.99 ($45 one-time + $29.99 refill) and every subsequent charge would be $29.99.

If subscribing through a ScentSac Refill, you will only be charged the cost of the single ScentSac (discounted 15%).

Single Refill Price: $35 per ScentSac + Free Shipping
Autoship Refill Price: $29.99 per ScentSac + Free Shipping

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