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Our Customers Love HorseScents

“The soothing effect on this Dressage horse was wonderful. This horse was much much calmer with the Lavender scent. Thank you for this product!! A simple practical, horse friendly to help this horse overcome the edge of being a little too alarmed by things he sees…with HorseScents I witness the extra relaxation it brings. They are less anxious so they have that moment where the rider can convince them that “it is all right” just keeping going. Each time it goes better the training is advanced further. Just the observations of a dedicated horsewoman.”

Trainer Patricia van Motman

“Con Thargos has been a lot calmer since we starting using your ScentStrap”

Horse Con Thargos

“I’m leasing this horse…and ever since he came to our barn he’s been spooky. I’ve followed your account for a long time and decided that he might benefit from having a ScentStrap. He has completely changed and become very easy to work with in the crossties and under saddle! And I think he enjoys his lavender too😊”


“[HorseScents has been] wonderful. It has helped him a ton in the crossties!! He unfortunately has figured out he can pull on crossties that are attached to wood and crib from them and if he can’t crib, he tries to suck on them and chew the whole time. Yesterday I left the strap on about 20 min before putting him in the crossties and he was much better! Only tried maybe once at the beginning and then did not care to try again!! No fussing or chewing!”

Hannah Wisener

“I had a pony that rode and responded well to it about 3 years ago, he really liked the product… it kept him a lot calmer… I’d let him have it in the stall and then I would use it to school and take it off right before I went in the ring.”

Bill Schaub

“I am a big advocate of HorseScents, all of my daughter’s (junior rider, Madison Frankel) horses utilize HorseScents. The lavender smell mellows them out, calms them down even in the worst, stressful situations.”

Rosanne Frankel

“Coco has been using HorseScents for 2 months, coming from Spain and moving around she was a little bit up. Lauren Knopp was looking for something that would calm her nerves & found HorseScents on Instagram. She notices a difference within 10-15 minutes of using a ScentStrap. It’s made a big difference in Coco’s overall performance under saddle. It made her more relaxed and more focused on Lauren. Coco now breathes deep to take in the lavender and HorseScents has really helped her relax.”

Lauren Knopp

“He (Cent 15) was crazy & anxious in the stall…once I started using HorseScents he’s been a much calmer & well behaved horse on the ground”

Dominic Gibbs

“For 5 years he’s been horrible for the would take 3 days to do 4 it takes 1 day with HorseScents”

Stella Stinnett

“Has shown successful results when used on horses that crib.”

Horse, Revel’s Bolero

“My eq horse that I tried it on (coco) is really nervous and weird around other horses and I find that he is a lot more relaxed since he started using HorseScents”

Blythe Goguen

“I put it on him to clip him and he was so relaxed! it’s been amazing!! it has helped my horse Jack so much!”

Madison Smyth

“I chose to try HorseScents because I wanted to see if It would take the edge and anxiety off my young horse. I saw an amazing difference in my horse. I use it before I ride, before I go foxhunting and before I compete. Even my farrier has noticed.”

Elizabeth Conyers

“My horse Confetti LOVES his HorseScents. We both do. It helps keep him relaxed when riding in new places as well as at home. I have seen such a difference in him since using it!”

Elianna Narducci

“[HorseScents] has stopped my horse from weaving! Such an amazing product that has an amazing affect on my Prince!!”

Madison Goodrow

“He loves it, he tends to be very cautious and nervous and I have seen such a difference, he hasn’t been wiggly in the cross ties which is a big improvement for him!.❤️…He loves it!!”

Sydney Saia

“I have noticed such an incredible difference in my horse since we started using the HorseScents strap! I plan to subscribe to auto ship very soon”

Madeleine Callender

“Love it! ..right when I put it on I noticed that he stopped grinding his teeth and his whole body felt relaxed. very different than what he is normally like in the winter!”

Mia Papoutis

“It’s just going to calm a horse down… It’s good for the horse.”

Rider for Nick Zito

“HorseScents has been extremely beneficial to myself and the multiple horses I ride.”

Sierra Roberti

“The natural lavender scent helps my horse take a deep breath and relax…”

Kasia Bukowska

“[HorseScents’ ScentStrap] helps for ring familiarization and keeping us our best”

Tori Belles

“I use HorseScents on all of my halters. Empirical evidence supports the scent of Lavender is calming and the efficacy of Horse Scents on calming horses. Also, check out FMNF on the back cover. Proud to be a supporter of Horse Scents and The Plaid Horse”

Stephanie Mazer

“With his HorseScents Lavender Scent Strap, my horse is much calmer and will now go in the wash stall and loads on the trailer easily!”

Alyssa Bauer