Customer Testimonials

Coco has been using HorseScents for 2 months, coming from Spain and moving around she was a little bit up. Lauren Knopp was looking for something that would calm her nerves & found HorseScents on Instagram. She notices a difference within 10-15 minutes of using a ScentStrap. It’s made a big difference in Coco’s overall performance under saddle. It made her more relaxed and more focused on Lauren. Coco now breathes deep to take in the lavender and HorseScents has really helped her relax.

-Lauren Knopp

Dressage Rider with Horse, Coco

See video above

-Dominic Gibbs & Cent 15

See video above

-Stella Stinnett

Owner of Horse C Wellie

Has shown successful results when used on horses that crib.

-Horse, Revel’s Bolero

Located at Ithillien Stables

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-Sophie Wayner

Dressage Rider with Horse, Libby

My eq horse that I tried it on (coco) is really nervous and weird around other horses and I find that he is a lot more relaxed since he started using

-Blythe Goguen

I put it on him to clip him and he was so relaxed! it’s been amazing!! it has helped my horse Jack so much!

-Madison Smyth

I chose to try HorseScents because I wanted to see if It would take the edge and anxiety off my young horse. I saw an amazing difference in my horse. I use it before I ride, before I go foxhunting and before I compete. My farrier has even noticed 

-Elizabeth Conyers

My horse Confetti LOVES his HorseScents. We both do. It helps keep him relaxed when riding in new places as well as at home. I have seen such a difference in him since using it!

-Elianna Narducci

[HorseScents] has stopped my horse from weaving! Such an amazing product that has an amazing affect on my Prince!!

-Madison Goodrow

He loves it, he tends to be very cautious and nervous and I have seen such a difference, he hasn’t been wiggly in the cross ties which is a big improvement for him!.❤️…He loves it!!

-Sydney Saia

I have noticed such an incredible difference in my horse since we started using the horsescents strap! I plan to subscribe to auto ship very soon

-Madison Frankel

Owner of Horse, Bob

Love it! ..right when I put it on I noticed that he stopped grinding his teeth and his whole body felt relaxed. very different than what he is normally like in the winter!

-Mia Papoutis

Horse: Paccino

He was ready to go! Confident and relaxed in his first 3’6″ final! (Maclay Finals 2019)

-Erin Gibbs

Mother of Riders Dominic and Jordan Gibbs

Nemo LOVES his lavender! Your invention is very well made, very attractive & we love it!

-Jill Howser

Spur Tech

We absolutely LOVE HorseScents. We use it on our young horses & it makes a tremendous difference.

-Suzanne Reggio Belles

Thanks so much for everything! Gemini loves his HorseScents! (Grand Prix jumper in Rush Valley, Utah)

-Adrienne Smyrl

She is remarkably relaxed and happy while wearing the ScentStrap. I would highly recommend.

-Justine Crema

Thank you so much for your HorseScents product it works absolute wonders. My horse Luke loves it and we saw immediate results!!

-Ella Sebastiano

[My rider’s horse] wore it all week and at the show yesterday until she walked through the gate. Her canter was softer and her stride was longer. Took the winter edge off. Love it!

-Kathy Kunsman

Rider: Emma Brody, Horse: Coffee Bean

Oh yes! Charlie X loved it!! (even whilst cantering through the sprinklers)

-Tom De Bel

Carmen gave me a HorseScents [strap] for Serrano at Devon. It totally helped him relax he slept the entire time he was in his stall. He was 8th in the 2yr old non-thoroughbred class.

-Julianna Hennessy

We used your HorseScents lavender Scent Strap today for our weaning and it worked very well. We weaned 3 fillies and used the lavender on 2 dams and 2 fillies. It was very relaxed which weaning rarely is but they took it very good and there was no crying babies and screaming mothers like we usually see for the first few days of the weaning process. Interestingly enough the only ones that were calling each other and stressing out was the one filly and her mother that did not wear your HorseScents lavender ScentStrap…

-Talin Farm

Danish Sports Horses, LLC

I have a few thoroughbreds and it is so easy for them to get anxious. Lavender is such a nice way to help them relax. And the pouches are so classy looking !

-Tik Maynard

Eventer and Natural Horsemanship Guru

I’m a farrier and I have used HorseScents Lavender Scents Straps on one of my more excited clients… after putting the ScentStrap on and giving it a little bit of time, the lavender scent helped calm the horse making it easier to handle.

-Yancy Russell

Experienced Farrier

My 6-year-old stallion wears his ScentStrap during turnout. Allows him to eat hay and relax in the field across from a mare in heat

-Brian Bech-Hansen

Stallion Owner

Helping our imports through the beginning stresses after their long journey here! Has definitely helped them settle in easier!

-Meghan Walker

Little Tommy enjoying his Lavender HorseScents before being ridden… it works!!!

-Marcie Nolletti

It definitely helped our young thoroughbred stay quieter in his turnout and in his stall

-Wendy Rastelli

Bedminster Trainer and Essex Fox Hunter

The HorseScents is making a difference with her!

-Jenn Bedell

Trainer of "Butta Be Good"

I have a DOT legal Equine Transport Company and have added HorseScents to my quiver of proactive stress reducers for my clients. Very happy with the results!

-Matty O’Rourke

Owner of Equine Transport Company

With his HorseScents Lavender Scent Strap, my horse is much calmer and will now go in the wash stall and loads on the trailer easily!

-Alyssa Bauer

Horse Owner

Thank you HorseScents for keeping Libbie calm during the crazy storms that occurred before our rides [at Red Tail show]! The lavender ScentStrap helped a lot!

-Sophie Wayner

Dressage Rider

I use HorseScents on all of my halters. Empirical evidence supports the scent of Lavender is calming and the efficacy of Horse Scents on calming horses. Also, check out FMNF on the back cover. Proud to be a supporter of Horse Scents and The Plaid Horse

-Stephanie Mazer

Horse Owner

[HorseScents’ ScentStrap] helps for ring familiarization and keeping us our best

-Tori Belles

FEI Junior Rider

The natural lavender scent helps my horse take a deep breath and relax…

-Kasia Bukowska

HorseScents has been extremely beneficial to myself and the multiple horses I ride.

-Sierra Roberti

It’s just going to calm a horse down… It’s good for the horse.

-Rider for Nick Zito

For sure helped for the trailer… it was good [for fox hunting with the Essex hounds]

-Samantha Davis

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