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HorseScents FEI and USEF Permitted Use

May 3, 2022
What You Need to Know About Using ScentStraps At Recognized Horse Shows Just like human athletes, performance-enhancing drugs are prohibited...

The Science Behind HorseScents

January 9, 2019
Lavender Study with HorseScents Noseband Study Conducted by Ann Baldwin, PhD Objective: To determine whether application of the HorseScents lavender noseband...

Lavender and Anxiety Disorders

December 1, 2023
This study looks at the components of lavender essential oils and their effects on anxiety disorders. Read more here!

Smells That Help Horses Relax

November 28, 2023
Read about this study conducted at the University of Arizona that supports the notion that scents, such as lavender, can...

Strengthen Your Memory With Lavender

August 9, 2023
Neuroscientists found a 226% increase in cognitive capacity compared to the control group, according to a press release from UCI....

HH Azur and McLain Ward Aim Big for Rolex Grand Slam After 8-Year Partnership

June 22, 2023
HH Azur and Mclain Ward have been unstoppable since their partnership began in 2015 when Double H Farm purchased a...

Lavender Has Been Shown to Repel Ticks

June 22, 2023
During the experiment, different concentrations of lavender essential oil were used to test its tick repellent effects. Each concentration was...

Lavender Aromatherapy Used to Treat Stall-Walking in Horses

December 8, 2022
This published study conducted by Veterinarians at Comependio de Ciencias from 2018 validates that HorseScents ScentStraps will effectively help horses with...

Using Lavender to Treat Anxiety

January 19, 2022
This article discusses lavender as an alternative treatment for anxiety due to its calming effects. Read More

Aromatherapy as a Treatment for Sleep Problems

October 12, 2021
Aromatherapy is an effective treatment for sleep problems, such as insomnia. Read more about the study that was conducted here....

Aromatherapy Showing Up in Hospital Surgical Units

August 31, 2021
Studies show that essential oils extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves or seeds can be beneficial in hospital surgical units. Read...