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Lavender Aromatherapy Used to Treat Stall-Walking in Horses

This published study conducted by Veterinarians at Comependio de Ciencias from 2018 validates that HorseScents ScentStraps will effectively help horses with stall walking  & weaving problems.

Study Abstract:

“Stall walking is a stereotypy that affects the equines, and is characterized by a continuous locomotion in the inner perimeter of the stall, alternating directions or forming an eight. Although stall walking affects horse sport performance, has not reported an effective treatment for sport horses. The objective of this study was evaluate the effect of topical aromatherapy with lavender essential oil in horses with this stereotypy. Ten thoroughbred racehorses exhibiting this stereotypy were used. Each horse was video-recorded continuously between 15:00 and 18:00 h for ten days in a row. Each horse acted as its own control. No treatment was applied on days one and two, the time spent stall walking were 31.4 min. From day three to ten, lavender was applied to each horse’s forehead. A daily observation was performed to assess whether a cutaneous reaction occurred at the application site. Videos were analyzed to establish the total time spent performing the stereotypy, and whether there were any behavioral changes attributable to the treatment. Descriptive statistics were used to establish averages and standard deviations of time spent stall walking before and after the treatment. The results revealed a significant reduction (p<0.05) in daily time spent stall walking from the first day of treatment, 17.4 min the first treatment day and 5 min the last treatment day. No local negative reaction or behavior associated with applying the lavender essential oil was observed. Our preliminary findings suggest that the topical application of lavender essential oil is a treatment that reduces and eventually eliminates stall walking in thoroughbred horses.”

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Muñoz, Lisandro & Rodríguez, R & Cordero, M & Cruces, J & Briones, Mario. (2018). TOPICAL AROMATHERAPY WITH LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL IN STALL-WALKING HORSES: PRELIMINAR STUDY. Compendio de Ciencias Veterinarias. 8. 26-30. 10.18004/