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For Horses, From A Horsewoman

HorseScents is owned and operated by Chrisie Van Cleef, a horse owner and rider from New Jersey. Her fields at Stoneleigh Farm produce acres of organic lavender, which is dried and sewn into every HorseScents ScentSac. HorseScents products are mindfully designed and expertly crafted by local artisans.

The History of HorseScents

When Chrisie’s horse Caprioso faced months of stressful treatment and rehabilitation in the summer of 2016, she began to investigate natural stress-relieving remedies. Chrisie soon discovered that a bundle of lavender tied to his halter would provide hours of zen.

After Caprioso’s recovery, Chrisie began using the relaxing properties of lavender on her weanlings. Her young horses loved the smell, but also the taste. This was problematic because horse shows prohibit certain substances from entering competing horses’ systems. As a result, Chrisie had to find a way to ensure that the all-natural lavender worked its anti-stress magic without being eaten.

Her solution was the sleekly designed leather Scent Strap with a lavender-filled Scent Sac. Together, these products provide hours of natural stress relief in a convenient halter attachment.