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Your all-natural, handmade HorseScents products will arrive in one of our custom boxes with a special tag (see below). Each ScentStrap is imprinted with a serial number.

Yes! Lavender has relaxing properties. See our ‘About’ section for more information and links to related research.

Our ScentStraps and ScentSacs are handmade here on the farm by master leather crafters with premium buffalo leather and burlap. The all-natural, organic lavender is grown right on my farm in Branchburg, New Jersey. Everything is handmade in here in the northeast United States. Shop local!

As long as you use ScentStraps as directed, you do not have to worry! Our relaxing lavender is used solely for aromatherapy, not consumption and is therefore approved for use. Learn More

Each lavender-filled ScentStrap lasts for a full month. You can purchase refills at our online store.

HorseScents is currently for sale on our website and Etsy. Please fill out a form if you are interested in selling Horsescents Scent Sac and Strap in an equine-related store.