We help keep your

Horse Relaxed

Our ScentStrap is proven to keep your horse relaxed during stressful situations using lavender's natural aroma.

We help keep your

Horse Relaxed

Our ScentStrap is proven to keep your horse relaxed during stressful situations using lavender's natural aroma.


A June 2019 study conducted by Ann Baldwin, PhD from the Physiology Department at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine has confirmed that the HorseScents noseband caused a significant relaxation response after 14 minutes as measured by increased beat-to-beat changes in heart rhythm.

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Coco has been using HorseScents for 2 months, coming from Spain and moving around she was a little bit up. Lauren Knopp was looking for something that would calm her nerves & found HorseScents on Instagram. She notices a difference within 10-15 minutes of using a ScentStrap. It’s made a big difference in Coco’s overall performance under saddle. It made her more relaxed and more focused on Lauren. Coco now breathes deep to take in the lavender and HorseScents has really helped her relax.

Lauren Knopp
Dressage Rider with Horse, Coco
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Dominic Gibbs & Cent 15
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Stella Stinnett
Owner of Horse C Wellie
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Has shown successful results when used on horses that crib.

Horse, Revel’s Bolero
Located at Ithillien Stables

My eq horse that I tried it on (coco) is really nervous and weird around other horses and I find that he is a lot more relaxed since he started using

Blythe Goguen

I put it on him to clip him and he was so relaxed! it’s been amazing!! it has helped my horse Jack so much!

Madison Smyth

I chose to try HorseScents because I wanted to see if It would take the edge and anxiety off my young horse. I saw an amazing difference in my horse. I use it before I ride, before I go foxhunting and before I compete. My farrier has even noticed 

Elizabeth Conyers

My horse Confetti LOVES his HorseScents. We both do. It helps keep him relaxed when riding in new places as well as at home. I have seen such a difference in him since using it!

Elianna Narducci

[HorseScents] has stopped my horse from weaving! Such an amazing product that has an amazing affect on my Prince!!

Madison Goodrow

He loves it, he tends to be very cautious and nervous and I have seen such a difference, he hasn’t been wiggly in the cross ties which is a big improvement for him!.❤️…He loves it!!

Sydney Saia

Designed to Work, Built to Last

Premium Hand-Stitched Leather and Organic Lavender Buds For The Ride of Your Life

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Tried & True: Lavender Is The Best Way to Keep Horses Stress Free

Studies conducted by Dr. Kashiwadani at the University of Japan and scientists at the University of Arizona prove that lavender is one of the most effective ways to keep animals stress free.


 When used as directed HorseScents uses lavender for Aromatherapeutic purposes effectively for performance horses. See FEI Clean Sport, USEF, USDF or AQHA Guidelines to learn more.

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