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Lavender Aromatherapy for Your Horse

HorseScents is Lavender Aromatherapy for Your Horse

A Relaxing ScentStrap For Every Situation

Attach the ScentStrap to your horse’s halter or bridle and see lavender aromatherapy transform them into a more relaxed horse. Our customers have had success using HorseScents during shipping, weaning, clipping, weaving, turnout, shots, mane pulling, training, & cribbing.

Clinically Proven, Drug-Free Equine Relaxation Therapy

A June 2019 study conducted by Ann Baldwin, PhD from the Physiology Department at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine confirmed that the HorseScents ScentStrap caused a significant relaxation response after 14 minutes as measured by increased beat-to-beat changes in heart rhythm.

Our Customers Love HorseScents

“[HorseScents has been] wonderful..It has helped him a ton in the crossties…No fussing or chewing!”

Hannah Wisener

“I had a pony that rode and responded well to it about 3 years ago, he really liked the product… it kept him a lot calmer.”

Bill Schaub

“I am a big advocate of HorseScents, all of my daughter’s (junior rider, Madison Frankel) horses utilize HorseScents. The lavender smell mellows them out, calms them down even in the worst, stressful situations.”

Rosanne Frankel

“It’s made a big difference in Coco’s overall performance under saddle. It made her more relaxed and more focused on Lauren. Coco now breathes deep to take in the lavender and HorseScents has really helped her relax.”

Lauren Knopp

“He (Cent 15) was crazy & anxious in the stall…once I started using HorseScents he’s been a much calmer & well behaved horse on the ground”

Dominic Gibbs

“For 5 years he’s been horrible for the would take 3 days to do 4 it takes 1 day with HorseScents”

Stella Stinnett

“Has shown successful results when used on horses that crib.”

Horse, Revel’s Bolero

“I saw an amazing difference in my horse. I use it before I ride, before I go foxhunting and before I compete. Even my farrier has noticed.”

Elizabeth Conyers

“My 6-year-old stallion wears his ScentStrap during turnout. Allows him to eat hay and relax in the field across from a mare in heat”

Brian Bech-Hansen

Our ScentStrap is proven to keep your horse relaxed during stressful situations using lavender’s natural aroma.