FEI, USEF & AQHA Competition Legal


“When used as directed, our product [HorseScents ScentStrap + Sac] uses lavender for Aromatherapeutic purposes for performance horses. See FEI Clean Sport, USEF or AQHA Guidelines to learn more.” – USEF

How to use HorseScents

1. Attach your ScentStrap to the top of a halter or bridle noseband by firmly overlapping the Velcro flaps. 

2. Activate the relaxing lavender aromatherapy by gently crumbling the ScentSac. 

3. Allow 10-15 minutes for the stress-relieving effects to begin.

Note: When the ScentStrap is removed, the effects of the lavender will dissipate.

HorseScents products are safe and effective to use during grooming, riding, lunging, turnout, shipping and other stressful situations.

ScentSacs should be replaced once a month for optimum relaxing results. You may have to change the Sac more frequently depending on environmental conditions.

Store HorseScents products in natural fiber bags or the box they came in. Many horse owners prefer to leave Straps attached to halters as they hang on stall doors. Either way, our natural lavender buds will preserve their fragrance!

HorseScents recommends using lavender products for short intervals so horses do not become over-acclimated to the soothing effects of lavender.