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Interested in ordering 20 or more ScentStraps Sets for your barn? We bulk sell and ship in boxes of 20!

1-2 Boxes (20-40 sets) = 10% Off

3-4 Boxes (60-80 sets) = 15% Off

5+ Boxes (100+ sets)= 20% Off

Ex. Entering Quantity 1 Below = 1 Box = 20 ScentStrap/ScentSac Sets in the variety you choose

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How Does Our Subscription Service Work?

Save 15% on today's purchase and future ScentSac refills when you subscribe!

Refill subscriptions can be scheduled monthly or bi-annually; schedule can be changed at any time through your account.

If subscribing through a ScentStrap Set, you will be charged a “setup” fee on your first order only for the cost of the ScentStrap (discounted 15%) in addition to your first ScentSac refill.

For example, if purchasing a Standard ScentStrap Set set, your first charge would be $74.99 ($45 one-time + $29.99 refill) and every subsequent charge would be $29.99.

If subscribing through a ScentSac Refill, you will only be charged the cost of the single ScentSac (discounted 15%).

Single Refill Price: $35 per ScentSac + Free Shipping
Autoship Refill Price: $29.99 per ScentSac + Free Shipping

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