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Shipping is Stressful, But Not With HorseScents!

Our ScentStrap is proven to keep your horse relaxed during stressful situations using lavender’s natural aroma. While transport has been shown to increase stress in horses, it has also been shown that lavender is an effective antidote. The calming scent reduces cortisol, a stress indicator. You can rely on ScentStraps to give horses a calmer travel experience because they feature high-quality aromatherapeutic lavender. A June 2019 study conducted by Ann Baldwin, PhD from the Physiology Department at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine has confirmed that the HorseScents noseband caused a significant relaxation response after 14 minutes as measured by increased beat-to-beat changes in heart rhythm.

Effects of Shipping on Horses

Six horses were tested by scientists at Kagoshima University and University of California Davis. They found that the average heart rate (beats per minute) among the horses tested was at its highest during air transport than during any other point in the shipping process; this included a baseline reading, road transport, and time spent waiting for an air stall.

Average Trends For HorseScents Study Data

Over the course of 14 minutes, %HF* increased, on average, for 6 out of the 8 horses when ScentStraps were worn. Each line represents a different horse and each graph represents a different day of study.


* %HF = reflects the high frequency parasympathetic component of heart rate variability; a parameter that signifies relaxation response; a higher percentage = more relaxed subject