“Whimsy” and Lesly Set Their Sights on Pony Finals

horsescents calming lavender strap on Whimsy


Breed: Welsh Pony

Foaled: January 2010

Discipline: Hunters

Trainer: Nadine Peacock

Notable Wins: n/a

USEF Pony Finals began as an international competition between young British and American riders in 1959. The National Horse Show in New York City hosted the inaugural competition in which ponies were judged over just two fences. Pony Finals later became a national competition for qualifying pairs, and it remains the highlight of many young riders’ summers. As per USEF guidelines, ponies must be Champions or Reserve Champions at an “A” or “AA” rated show in order to qualify.

Lesly Moore and an adorable nine-year-old Welsh Pony named Whimsy are among those working towards Pony Finals. Their sights are set on winning the Small Pony Hunter division, and Lesly has been riding almost every day in preparation. Their routine includes using the calming lavender aroma of HorseScents Scent Straps to ensure that Whimsy is as focused as her rider.

lavender calming Scent Straps

When Lesly and Whimsy are not practicing in the schooling ring, they can often be found swimming in a nearby pond. Both love cooling off after a hard days’ work. Lesly has also taught Whimsy several tricks; their partnership extends far beyond the show ring.

calmimg lavender helps Whimsy enjoy her swim

HorseScents is proud to support Lesly and Whimsy on their Pony Finals journey. We will be cheering them on and keeping our fingers crossed in the next few months!


Want to learn more about Pony Finals? Visit the USEF website: https://www.usef.org/compete/disciplines/hunter/usef-pony-finals