Keeping it Cool with “Taarupgaards Chili”

Lavender Equine Calming Scent Sac from HorseScents

Taarupgaards Chili

Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Foaled: January 2009

Discipline: Hunter/Jumper

Trainer: Cheyenne Sickle

Notable Wins: 1st Place, 1.10m Ashbury Jumper Classic @The Ridge

Celebrity female equestrians like Georgina Bloomberg have raised awareness of all those mothers with a sippy cup under one arm and a saddle under the other. But very little attention is paid to supermoms without superstar status, especially when they are of the equine variety. Tallin Farms’ Taarupgaards Chili is one such example. After giving birth to a filly by jumper stallion Christian, she is back in the show ring and ready for action.

Calming Lavender HorseScents Wearer Chili

Chili is currently competing and training in Wellington, FL under hunter-jumper rider Cheyenne Sickle. HorseScents has been helping her re-acclimate to the buzz of competition with lavender aromatherapeutic Scent Straps. We were happy to hear that “she was amazing at the show,” and became “much more relaxed waiting at the ring” after wearing a Scent Strap. Keep your eyes out for this stunning mare as she gets back in the game following her maternity leave!

Calming Equine Lavender Solution wearer, Chili

HorseScents is proud to help mares keep their calm, regardless of whether they are competing on the A Circuit or holding down the home fort. Scent Strap aromatherapy is a great way to dispel some of those “mare-ish” behaviors since lavender is a proven stress-reliever. Stallions and geldings also benefit from this natural calming solution. Stick one on and see for yourself!