Winning Junior Jumper “Carolina”

HorseScents Lavender Aromatherapy Ambassador


Breed: Swedish Warmblood

Foaled: January 2007

Discipline: Jumpers

Trainer: Pablo Mejia

Notable Wins: 1st Place, WEF Week 4 Low Junior Jumpers

Twelve-year-old Warmblood mare “Carolina” has had a strong start to the 2019 Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) with young rider Taylor Kraft in the saddle. Last week, the pair clinched first place out of 77 entries in the Low Junior Jumpers before putting in a strong performance at the Great Charity Challenge on Saturday night. Carolina and Taylor will be back in action during Week 6 after a well-deserved break.

Although Carolina is a fierce competitor, she does not enjoy standing on the cross-ties. HorseScents Scent Straps have helped the sensitive mare settle pre-competition nerves. Taylor says that using HorseScents lavender aromatherapy has definitely made Carolina “a lot calmer” around the barn.

Many show horses experience similar nerves at busy competitions where dogs, golf carts, and motor bikes create a chaotic environment. Scent Sacs are designed to release calming lavender aromas for up to a month so your horse can stay calm without expensive supplements or tranquilizers. After a month, simply attach a new Sac to the Scent Strap!

HorseScents will be cheering on Carolina and Taylor in person for the next few weeks of WEF. Stop by our booth next to the Tiki Hut to see how HorseScents can help your horse keep calm and competition on!