HorseScents Lavender: From Seed to ScentSac

Did you know? HorseScents lavender is homegrown at our Stoneleigh Farm headquarters. Organic and prepared with love just for you!


#1 Growing and Harvesting


Every stem of HorseScents lavender is hand-picked at Stoneleigh Farm in Branchburg, NJ during the summer months. We are proud to grow organic lavender because your horse deserves the best and you deserve to have the best training tools.








#2 Bundling

horsescents homegrown lavender


The freshly picked lavender stems are bundled so they can be hung up to dry.







#3 Drying

horsescents lavender


The lavender bundles are hung upside down to dry in a cool location.







#4 Bud Collection and Storage

dry calming horsescents lavender


The dry lavender is laid on a sheet and each bud is removed from the stem. Dried buds are stored in large burlap sacks until the next step.






#5 ScentSac Stuffing and Sewing


The lavender buds are inserted into our stylish burlap ScentSacs, which are hand sewn in Pennsylvania Amish Country.





#6 Final Product Prep

calming horsescents scent strap and scent sac


The finished ScentSacs are attached to our quality leather ScentStraps or set aside as refill ScentSacs.

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