ScentStrap with ScentSac


Our patent pending leather ScentStrap with a 1-month, organic lavender filled ScentSac attachment.

Special Offer: Sign up for monthly subscription refills and get a code for $21 off a ScentStrap of your choice! Sign up using the big purple buttons at the bottom of this page. NOTE: You must first sign up for a subscription to receive your $21 OFF coupon code. This coupon code can be applied to your purchase of any ScentStrap (Standard, Dressage, or Shipping), it CANNOT be applied to a single refill, ScentStrap/Sac Combo, or our refill subscription.

Our ScentStraps work on any horse halter (fits best on Quillin horse halters) and are built to last. They each come with a limited guarantee (See FAQ). Each ScentSac refill lasts 1 month.

Each leather Scent Strap comes with its own serial number.


Subscribe to Monthly Refills

Never worry about running out of ScentSacs! We will send you a new ScentSac refill every month for the length of your subscription (the first one ships the day you sign up). There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. You will only be charged when your product ships.

For our Standard and Shipping ScentStrap, order Standard Size refills. For our Dressage ScentStrap, order our Dressage Size refills.

(Standard Size)
(Dressage Size)