Three-Ring Superstar: Limitless


Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Foaled: January 2010

Discipline: Equitation/Jumpers/Hunters

Trainer: Stacia Klein Madden

Notable Wins: 2018 National Horse Show 3’3” Hamel Equitation Champion, WEF 2020 Overall WIHS Champion

*UPDATE* Limitless and Jordan Gibbs are currently showing at Tryon International with great success. The pair recently earned a score of 167 in the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby. Check out their awesome round on Show Grounds Live via Chronicle of the Horse!

One look at Limitless confirms what A Circuit horse show results have already demonstrated: this stunning dapple grey gelding is a winner. The ten-year-old Dutch Warmblood, known as “Leuk” around the barn, has found his stride in all three rings with several different riders. He is currently trained by Stacia Klein Madden out of Beacon Hill Show Stables in New Jersey. His winter months are spent competing at the World Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Florida with brother-sister duo Dominic and Jordan Gibbs under Madden’s expertise.

Jordan Gibbs and Limitless

Leuk began his career in Europe where he showed with a Danish rider out of a renowned breeding facility along the Belgian coast called Quality Stud. He was initially shown in the young jumper classes under the name “Klinton Quality,” but later became “Equestrix Clinton” when he was presented as an equitation prospect by Equestrix Agency. It was not until he began training with Roy Wilten, owner and head trainer for Stal Wilten in the Netherlands that Leuk became “Limitless.” Roy is responsible for horse sales in the family business.

In 2016, Leuk was shipped to the United States where he successfully competed in equitation classes with junior rider Jaden Olson. Olson was integral to matching Leuk with the Colorado-based Gibbs family. They have now owned Leuk for three years, during which time he has won numerous ribbons and championship equitation titles. Overall WIHS Champion at WEF 2020 is among the most recent of his impressive achievements. Perhaps just as incredible is Leuk’s ability to transition between equitation, hunter, and jumper classes without batting an eyelash. His excellent form and scopey jump make him a serious contender in all three rings.

Jaden Olsen and Limitless

“Three ring horses” are those who can safely and successfully compete in the three disciplines offered at traditional horse shows: hunters, jumpers, and equitation. Hunter horses are expected to compete over fences or on the flat with a consistently calm demeanor, steady pace, and good form. Scores are based on the horse’s conformation, disposition, and way of going. Jumper horses must have the speed and athleticism to carry them over a more technical course in which completion time and dropped rails determine their score. Equitation horses generally need the scopey athleticism of jumpers and the smooth style of hunters. This discipline distributes points based on rider technique.

Dominic Gibbs and Limitless

HorseScents is proud to support Leuk’s performances in all three rings. The relaxing power of lavender ScentStraps and ScentSacs is essential to his pre-competition routine. We wish Leuk and the Gibbs family the best of luck this season!