Talking HorseScents with Pony Finals Rider Lesly

Joanna, one of the lovely ladies behind HorseScents, sat down with Lesly to talk about her partner Whimsy and their Pony Finals debut. Turn on your sound and take a look at the interview to learn how Leslie is getting ready for the big show and how Whimsy is benefitting from the calming lavender aroma of HorseScents!


Joanna: Could you tell us a little bit about your pony, Whimsy?

Lesly: She is nine years old and she’s a grey pony. She’s a Welsh Pony. And she’s a brat sometimes!


When did you start riding her and what’s your favorite thing about her?

Two and a half months ago, and she’s very good but she’s amazing at jumping.


So, I hear you and Whimsy are going to Pony Finals. Are you super excited for that, and how do you plan to prepare?

Yes, and I plan to prepare by showing her at different shows because she’s never really showed before so she’ll get used to the showing environment.


And can you tell us a little bit about how you use HorseScents with Whimsy?

I use HorseScents to calm her down sometimes when she’s really hyper and active.


Ok, and it seems to really work for her?


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