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calming lavender aromatherapy for horses from HorseScents

Jack of Most Trades, “Miss Simbarella”

Hall of Fame Show Jumper Rodney Jenkins once described legendary chestnut hunter stallion “Simbalu” as having near-perfect form. The beloved racehorse-turned-show horse enjoyed a long career in the hunter ring as well as the breeding shed. His offspring are known for their bravery, scope, and sharp minds; many have had successful showing careers of their own.

Calming lavender aromatherapy for horses

“Miss Simbarella” has followed in her sire’s footsteps as an athletic hunter-jumper with mileage beyond the show ring. This chestnut mare previously competed in the International Hunter Derby at Old Salem, fox hunted with a local New Jersey pack of hounds, raced to second place in a point-to-point, and even tried her luck at polo. However, Bella truly found her stride as a High Adult Jumper with Alie Minnis in the stirrups. The pair has traveled to numerous shows in the tristate area, accumulating ribbons and honors along the way.


Even though Bella is now a well-seasoned pro in many different rings, she still gets pre-competition jitters. Minnis says that the mare tends to be “a tiny bit tense” while preparing for a show. HorseScents has been helping Bella settle her nerves with calming lavender aromatherapy, and her owner has noticed a considerable difference. See how HorseScents Scent Straps can help your equine partner relax and enter the ring in style!

calming lavender aromatherapy for horses from HorseScents