Jumpers to Juniors for “HJ Soberano”

HorseScents calming lavender Scent Strap

HJ Soberano

Breed: Argentine Warmblood

Foaled: January 2004

Discipline: Hunters/Jumpers

Trainer: Ashley DiBongrazio Pankow

Notable Wins: Numerous Top 10 Placings in Adult Jumper and PreChildren's Equitation Classes

Although HJ Soberano has spent the last few years competing in High Adult Jumper classes with an amateur owner, he recently transitioned to teaching younger riders the ropes. Alyssa Bauer took over the reins six months ago to gain experience on a been-there-done-that horse after several successful years of showing in the pony hunters. The pair trains out of Redfield Farm in Califon, NJ with Ashley DiBongrazio Pankow.

HorseScents equine calming solution user

Well-traveled horses like Sobe are integral to the development of young riders. The confidence gained by riding an experienced horse, especially as a child moves up from a pony, is essential to success further down the line. This is not to say that experienced horses are easy rides, but rather to point out that learning from an older mount (as opposed to training a young one) can be beneficial to non-professional riders’ growth.


Prior to using HorseScents, Sobe was reluctant to enter wash stalls and trailers. This reluctance disappeared after a calming lavender aromatherapy Scent Strap was attached to his halter. Even when he is not loading onto a trailer or entering a wash stall, Alyssa reports that he is much calmer.

HorseScents is excited to watch this pair compete in PreChildren’s Equitation over the next few months! Good luck!