Family Favorite “Cosmopolites”

Cosmo with calming lavender aromatherapy Scent Strap and Scent sac


Breed: Swedish Warmblood

Foaled: April 1998

Discipline: Jumpers

Trainer: Kirk Webby, Pablo Mejia

Notable Wins: Numerous Top 10 Placings in Grand Prix classes

Over the past ten years, Swedish Warmblood “Cosmopolites” has been ridden by every member of the Kraft family. The seasoned show jumper began his career under Grand Prix rider Kirk Webby before transitioning to the Adult Jumpers with Peter Kraft and Tracy Howe. The Kraft sisters have since taken over the reins to compete in the Children’s Jumpers. Regardless of who happens to be in the saddle, Cosmo remains a steady partner with plenty of personality.

Cosmo is currently in Wellington, Florida where he benefits from the soothing effects of HorseScents lavender aromatherapy. Taylor Kraft says that her family’s ride can be a little spirited, but Scent Straps “take the edge off.”

Even horses who are very familiar with the show scene can get excited by the bustle of competition. HorseScents has successfully helped horses in every stage of life, from weanlings to retirees, stay calm during stressful moments. And a less-stressed horse means a less-stressed rider! Visit our booth at the Wellington Equestrian Festival or explore our website to learn more about the benefits of lavender Scent Sacs.