Seasoned Show Pony “Everyday Enzo”

Everyday Enzo

Breed: Welsh Pony

Foaled: March 1999

Discipline: Small Pony Hunters

Trainer: N/A

Notable Wins: 2009 USEF Small Pony Hunter Champion

Over the course of his twelve-year career on the East coast show circuit, Everyday Enzo has accumulated hours of ring time and numerous blue ribbons. His accolades range from championship titles at small, local shows to USEF Small Pony Hunter of the Year in 2009. Many of the young riders who began their showing careers on Enzo have since become successful professional and amateur equestrians.

The inevitable stress of hunter-jumper shows can take a toll on both horse and human nerves. While some turn to artificial relaxation drugs, lavender aromatherapy offers a calming and entirely legal alternative. Even old pros like Everyday Enzo benefit from the soothing effects of a Scent Strap. The sleek design settles nerves without sacrificing the put-together professionalism expected at rated shows. 

Look for Enzo and his Scent Strap this season at WEF, the Hampton Classic, and maybe even Pony Finals! Or see him in action right now: https://youtu.be/hYokYsbVhZA.