Hall of Fame Trainer Loves Lavender for “Loyal”


Breed: Thoroughbred

Foaled: February 2016

Discipline: Racing

Trainer: Nick Zito (National Racing Hall of Fame member, 2x Kentucky Derby winning trainer)

Notable Wins: N/A

Racehorses spend a sizable portion of their early years being exposed to high-stress situations. Cheering crowds, narrow starting stalls, and the anxiety associated with travel give even experienced horses ample reasons to exhibit tension. The calming effects of lavender provide an effective and legal alternative to artificial sedatives when a horse of any discipline needs help settling down.​

Regardless of temperament, young horses consistently find long-distance travel stressful. Two-year-old “Loyal” recently made the trip from Nick Zito Racing Stable’s Kentucky farm to winter stabling in Arkansas. Her halter was fitted with a HorseScents Scent Strap before loading to ease anxiety every step of the way. Watch below as she calmly backs into her tight trailer stall with the Scent Strap in place.

During the winter months, Loyal will continue her training under Zito. She is one of many young racehorses who head South to stay in top form before their official racing career begins. With forbearers like Secretariat and Seattle Slew, this filly is one to watch. See her in action below. HorseScents is proud to support Loyal’s journey with a quality calming product that is tough enough to last her entire racing career.