Olympic Jumper Offspring “Tallin’s Casallina”

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Tallin's Casallina

Breed: Holsteiner

Foaled: January 2018

Discipline: N/A

Trainer: N/A

Notable Wins: N/A

Holsteiners are popular among equestrians for their compact athleticism, charisma, and kind personality. The breed originated in Northern Germany more than 700 years ago, and they have dominated show rings around the world ever since (read more at http://www.holsteiner.com/breed-overview). Today’s Holsteiners are carefully bred for use in Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Hunters, and Equitation.

Among the most internationally successful Holstein show jumpers is Casall Ask, who was ridden by Rolf-Göran Bengtsson of Sweden until the horse’s retirement in 2017. The pair earned a top-25 finish at the 2012 London Olympics, 4th place at the 2014 Caen World Equestrian Games, and 11 wins on the Global Champions Tour between 2011 and 2017 (see Casall’s full show record at https://www.fei.org/horse/casall). Casall’s offspring have produced equally impressive results, occasionally even competing against their sire.

Tallin’s Casallina is one of few Casall Ask offspring currently in North America. The 2018 filly has already received high marks for conformation and gives every indication of being a classy mount. She was recently weaned from her dam, Sweet Lady II, with the help of HorseScents Scent Straps. The calming lavender aroma soothed both broodmare and filly through their post-separation anxieties.

HorseScents is excited to accompany Casallina on her journey, regardless of whether she becomes a world-class jumper like her sire, a proven broodmare like her dam, or perhaps something else entirely.

HorseScents Calming Lavender Horse Scent Straps